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The 1970 Gael Linn Cup, the most important representative competition for elite level participants in the women's team field sport of camogie, was won by Leinster, who defeated Ulster in the final, played at Carrickmacross, .[1][2]

Gael Linn Cup 1970
Championship Details
Gael Linn Cup winners
Winners Leinster (10th title)
Gael Linn Cup Runners-up
Runners-up Ulster
Matches played 3


UCD players, Ann Carroll who scored 2–3 and Jo Golden who played brilliantly in goal helped Leinster defeat Munster 3–5 to 1–2 at Gorey. Connacht gave a walkover to Ulster. Kilkenny's Helena O'Neill scored four goals and Dublin's Judy Doyle three and Orla Ni Siochain two as Leinster defeated Ulster by 12–2 to 4–1 in the final.[3][4][5][6][7]

Agnes Hourigan wrote in the Irish Press:

Leinster's craft, combination and experience proved too much for Ulster and, except for a slow star, and a brief period in the second half, the visitors were always in command.

Final stagesEdit

Leinster12–2 – 4–1Ulster


GK 1 Jo Golden (Killkenny) (captain)
FB 2 Mary Ryan (Dublin)
RWB 3 Joan Murphy (Wexford)
CB 4 Margaret O'Leary (Wexford)
LWB 5 Bridget O'Connor (Wexford)
MF 6 Liz Neary (Killkenny)
MF 7 Ann Carroll (Killkenny) (1–1)
MF 8 Orla Ní Síocháin (Dublin) (2–1)
RWF 9 Helena O'Neill (Killkenny) (4–0)
CF 10 Annie Kehoe (Wexford) (1–0)
LWF 11 Judy Doyle (Dublin) (3–0)
FF 12 Maura Cassin (1–0)
GK 1 Teresa Cassidy (Antrim)
FB 2 Moya Forde (Antrim]] (captain)
RWB 3 Anne McCone (Armagh)
CB 4 Moira Caldwell (Down)
LWB 5 Kathleen Kelly (Antrim)
MF 6 Angela Toal (Armagh)
MF 7 Kathleen Diamond (Derry)
MF 8 Mairéad McAtamney (Antrim) (1–0)
RWF 9 Patricia McGreevey (Monaghan) (1–0)
CF 10 Anne McIvor (Antrim) (1–0)
LWF 11 Chris O'Boyle (Antrim) (1–1)
FF 12 Lily Scullion (Antrim)


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