Gabriel Turbay

Gabriel Turbay (1901-1947) was a Colombian politician of Syrian origin.[1] He was a Congressman, Senator, and Foreign Minister in the 1930s. He served as Colombia's Ambassador to the United States from 1939 to 1945. He was an unsuccessful candidate for president in 1946.

Gabriel Turbay
BornJanuary 10, 1901
Bucaramanga, Colombia
DiedNovember 17, 1947
Paris, France
Alma materNational University of Colombia
Political partyColombian Liberal Party
Parent(s)Juan Turbay
Barbara Abunader

Early lifeEdit

Gabriel Turbay was born on January 10, 1901 in Bucaramanga, Colombia.[2] His parents, Juan Turbay and Barbara Abunader, were immigrants to Colombia from Lebanon.[2]

Turbay earned a PhD in Medicine and Surgery from the National University of Colombia.[2]


Turbay began his career as a physician in his hometown of Bucaramanga.[2]

Turbay joined the Colombian Liberal Party.[2] He served as a member of the House of Representatives from 1927 to 1934, and the Senate from 1934 to 1937.[2]

Turbay served as the Foreign Minister of Colombia from 1937 to 1938.[3] He then served as Colombia's Ambassador to the United States from 1939 to 1945.[3] He was opposed to the creation of Israel.[4]

Turbay ran unsuccessfully for president in 1946.[3]


Turbay died on November 17, 1947 in Paris, France.[3]


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