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Gabriel Manigault (March 17, 1758 – November 4, 1809) was an American architect.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Manigault was born in Charleston, South Carolina on March 17, 1758. He was the son of Elizabeth Wragg Manigault (1736–1773) and Peter Manigault (1731-1773), the wealthiest person in British North America in 1770.[2] His great-grandfather was Pierre Manigault (1664-1729), a French Huguenot who was born in La Rochelle, France and settled in Charleston.


He went to study in Geneva, Switzerland, and London, and came back to Charleston after the American Revolutionary War.[3] He employed Greek Revival and Adamesque styles.

His works include the Joseph Manigault House, in Charleston, South Carolina, a National Historic Landmark, designed in the Adam style of Robert Adam, built in 1790.[3][4]

In Charleston, he designed only five homes.[3] He may have designed Presqui'ile and William Blacklock House.

Between the late 1780s and 1790s, the family traveled north frequently, visiting the Izard family who lived in New York. In 1805, Manigault sold part of his South Carolina land, and \moved permanently to Clifton, an estate near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1]

Personal lifeEdit

Manigault was married to Margaret Izard (1768–1824), the daughter of Ralph Izard (1741-1804) and Alice (née DeLancey) Izard (d. 1832). Ralph Izard was a member of the Continental Congress and a United States senator from South Carolina, 1789-1805. Alice De Lancey Izard lived in Philadelphia after her husband's death. Together, they were the parents of:[1]

  • Harriet Manigault, who married Samuel Wilcocks.[1]
  • Elizabeth Manigault Morris (1785–1822), who married Lewis Morris (1785–1863), a grandson of Lewis Morris.[1]
  • Peter Manigault (1788–1788), who died young.
  • Gabriel Henry Manigault (1788–1834)[1]
  • Ann Manigault (d. 1792)[1]
  • Charlotte Manigault[1]
  • Charles Izard Manigault (1795–1874).[5][6]
  • Emma Manigault[1]
  • Ann Manigault (d. 1800)[1]
  • Edward Manigault[1]
  • Caroline Manigault.[1]

He died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 4, 1809.


Through his daughter Elizabeth, he was the grandfather of Margaret Ann ("Meta") Morris (1810-1881), who married John Berkley Grimball (1800-1892).[1]


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