Gabela, Angola

Gabela is a town, with a population of 116,903 (2014),[3] and a commune, named Gabela Sede, in the municipality of Amboim, province of Cuanza Sul, Angola and the seat of that municipality. The area of the commune comprises 459 km2 with a population of 184,723. It was founded as N'Guebela on September 28, 1907.[4][5]

commune and town
Gabela is located in Angola
Coordinates: 10°51′S 14°22′E / 10.850°S 14.367°E / -10.850; 14.367Coordinates: 10°51′S 14°22′E / 10.850°S 14.367°E / -10.850; 14.367
ProvinceCuanza Sul
 • Total459 km2 (177 sq mi)
Elevation942 m (3,091 ft)
 • Total184,723
 • Density400/km2 (1,000/sq mi)

Around the town, some areas of the Angolan Scarp savanna and woodlands with its unique plants and animals are still to be found. The Gabela akalat (Sheppardia gabela), a species of bird, was first recorded here by scientists and subsequently named after the town, as were the Gabela helmet-shrike (Prionops gabela) and Gabela bush-shrike (Laniarius amboimensis); these endangered species are only found in the uplands near Gabela.

Mining and transportEdit

Gabela used to have a mine with a 610 mm (2 ft) narrow gauge railway to Porto Amboim.


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