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GURPS Conan is a sourcebook and a series of solo adventures for GURPS.

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Publisher(s)Steve Jackson Games


Publication historyEdit

GURPS Conan was one of the earliest licensed properties produced by Steve Jackson Games.[1] The company, after launching GURPS in 1986, acquired a Conan game license from Conan Properties International in 1988.[citation needed] The same year, Steve Jackson Games published a solo adventure titled GURPS Conan: Beyond Thunder River. Only the following year, in 1989, saw light of day the GURPS Conan setting supplement: GURPS Conan, The World of Robert E. Howard's Barbarian Hero. The core rulebook was written by Curtis M. Scott, with a cover by Kirk Reinert and illustrations by Butch Burcham, and was published by Steve Jackson Games as a 128-page book.[2] Three other solo adventures followed this setting supplement, all of them also in 1989: GURPS Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast, GURPS Conan: Moon of Blood and GURPS Conan the Wyrmslayer.

Timeline releases:

  • GURPS Conan: Beyond Thunder River (1988, a solo adventure)
  • GURPS Conan (1989, the supplement setting for GURPS)
  • GURPS Conan and the Queen of the Black Coast (1989, a solo adventure)
  • GURPS Conan: Moon of Blood (1989, a solo adventure)
  • GURPS Conan the Wyrmslayer (1989, a solo adventure)

Contents (supplement setting)Edit

GURPS Conan is a GURPS supplement and campaign setting describing fantasy role-playing in Conan's Hyborian Age. Rules cover creation of Hyborian characters, mass combat, Hyborian magic, and running a Hyborian campaign. The background material includes a history and description of the Hyborian lands, the major religions, and unique monsters. The book includes an appendix describing Conan, his life, friends and enemies. The book also features an introduction by L. Sprague de Camp.[2]


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