GF Biochemicals

GF Biochemicals is a biochemical company founded in 2008. It was co-founded by and named after Mathieu Flamini and Pasquale Granata. It is the first company in the world able to mass-produce levulinic acid.[3] The company worked with the University of Pisa for seven years on its production.[2] In 2016 GF Biochemicals acquired the American company Segetis.[citation needed] The company has a plant in Caserta that employs around 80 people.[citation needed] In 2015, the company won the John Sime Award for Most Innovative New Technology.[4] The company has offices in Milan and the Netherlands.[2]

GF Biochemicals
Key people
Mathieu Flamini, Pasquale Granata, Santi Cazorla[1]
Number of employees


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