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ITU-T Home networking Recommendations
Common Name Recommendations
HomePNA 2.0 G.9951, G.9952, G.9953
HomePNA 3.0 G.9954 (02/05)
HomePNA 3.1 G.9954 (01/07) G.9960, G.9961 G.9962 G.9963 G.9964
G.vlc G.9991 G.9972
G.hnta G.9970
G.dpm G.9977 G.9978
G.cwmp (TR-069) G.9980

Recommendation G.9963 is a home networking standard under development at the International Telecommunication Union standards sector, the ITU-T.

It was begun in 2010 by ITU-T to add multiple-input and multiple-output (known as MIMO) capabilities to the standard originally defined in Recommendation G.9960. The standard is also known as "".[1]

As part of the family of standards, G.9963 was endorsed by the HomeGrid Forum.[2][3]


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