Günter Gerhard Lange

A sample of fonts designed by Lange.

Günter Gerhard Lange (12 April 1921 in Frankfurt (Oder) – 2 December 2008 in Munich) was a German typographer.[1]

He was longtime art director of Berthold Type Foundry and was one of the fathers of font design after 1945.

His colleague Dieter Hofrichter remembered him as being particularly interested in revivals of classic designs: "His early typefaces were his own designs — in the 1950s he made several fonts in the style of the times, mostly calligraphic in character. At some point he stopped doing original designs and went on to produce only new editions of classic faces, or to revise — and usually improve — designs by others. In fact, Lange was not very interested in new designs. He simply wanted the fonts that were released to be very well made — in particular the “classics”. That was his main ambition: any fonts that were submitted were improved under his scrutiny."[2][3]


  • Arena (1959)
  • Solemnis (1954)
  • Boulevard (1955)
  • Champion (1957)
  • El Greco (1964)
  • Concorde (1968)
  • Concorde Nova
  • Imago
  • Akzidenz Grotesk Buch, an updating incorporating ideas from Helvetica
  • Franklin-Antiqua
  • Garamond (re-cut)
  • Walbaum (re-cut)
  • Caslon (re-cut)
  • Berthold Script
  • Berthold Imago
  • Baskerville (re-cut)
  • Bodoni Old Face
  • Whittingham


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