Gümerdiğin is the larger of the two towns of Şabanözü. Gümerdiğin is nearly 6 km northwest of Şabanözü and nearly 80 km from Ankara. Although Şabanözü is a district of Çankırı, Gümerdiğin is mostly in relation with Ankara.

A Gümerdiğin evening



Agriculture is the main part of the economy. There are two artificial lakes and also Sanı Çayı is used to supply water for the fields. Wheat, beans, apple and a bunch of vegetables are the main produce.


In Gümerdiğin there's a primary and a middle school but not a high school. The students from some neighbouring villages also attend school here.


The town was named after Seljuk commander Humar Tigin who came to the area after the Battle of Manzikert with his clan. The name was slowly corrupted over time to its present form Gümerdiğin.


In Gümerdiğin there's a state health office. In the office there a nurse, and a health officer but no doctor. When a doctor is needed people are transferred to Şabanözü where there's a State Hospital. Gümerdiğin is also lack of Pharmacy and the medicals can be obtained from Şabanözü also.


Gümerdiğin's population is as follows;

Population in years
2007 Below 2000
2000 2.180
1997 2.515
1990 1.227
1965 2.000

Mayors of Gümerdiğin MunicipalityEdit

Mayor, parties and percentage of votes
Year Mayor Party Percentage of vote
2004 Ömer Avşaroğlu AKP %41,93
1999 Hüseyin Arıkanoğlu DYP
1994 Ömer Avşaroğlu RP %35.56
1989 Muzaffer Arıkanoğlu DYP %36.03
1984 Muzaffer Arıkanoğlu DYP %52.98
1977 Ömer Kurtoğlu
1973 Abdullah Mülazımoğlu CHP %30.36
1968 Ömer Karaağaç GP %40.44
1967 Gani Bayramoğlu AP %60.52

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