Géoscope (geology)

The Geoscope is a monumental display of rocks at the La Lozère motorway service at junction 32 of the A75 autoroute at Albaret-Sainte-Marie in the department of Lozère, France. It is sometimes described as a geological museum. 45 stones, each weighing many tonnes and accompanied by an interpretive panel are artistically arranged in a circle in an old quarry.[1]

Géoscope-Panorama 4293.JPG


Geographically, Lozère can be divided up into 4 regions: Aubrac, Cévennes, Causses et Gorges, Margeride. The Geoscope displays rocks from each of these regions and attempts to explain their influence on the landscape.


Access is from the A75, the RN 106 and RN 86.


Coordinates: 44°52′09″N 3°14′50″E / 44.8692°N 3.2473°E / 44.8692; 3.2473