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Fuuse is an independent music, arts and film production company founded by Norwegian artist, (film and music maker) Deeyah Khan. Fuuse is an Emmy and Peabody award winning company based in Norway and specialises in creating music and film projects rooted in art, culture and activism to encourage dialogue around social and political issues.

Industry Film, Media , Music
Founded October, 2010
Founder Deeyah Khan
Headquarters Oslo

The debut film created and produced by Fuuse was the 2012 critically acclaimed and award winning documentary Banaz A Love Story.

Fuuse consists of film, music and live event activities made through Fuuse Mousiqi, Fuuse Films and Fuuse Live.



Fuuse has core advocacies: human rights, gender equality, freedom of expression, love, social justice and peace. Each Fuuse project highlights a specific advocacy.

Fuuse MosiqiEdit

Fuuse Mosiqi is the music division of Fuuse and works for cultural exchange through music. Its two ongoing core music series are WOMAN, which presents the voices and music of women artists in celebration of world music. The second is the FUUSE MOUSIQI Traditional Music Heritage Preservation series.

CDs released through Fuuse MosiqiEdit

Fuuse FilmsEdit

Fuuse LiveEdit

  • Fuuse presents World Woman
  • Banaz A Love Story screening and conversation event in Oslo hosted in collaboration with Fritt Ord January 2013.[4]


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