Future Worlds

Future Worlds is a role-playing game published by Stellar Gaming Workshop in 1987.


Future Worlds is a science-fiction space-adventure system set in an interstellar society of the far future.[1] The game includes a section on Mystics, a class of magical spell-casters.[1]

Publication historyEdit

Future Worlds was designed by Patrick Lesser, and published by Stellar Gaming Workshop in 1987 as an 80-page book.[1]


Rick Swan reviewed Future Worlds in Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer No. 83.[2] Swan commented that "Future Worlds could've been a reasonably good supplement for those wishing to add an advanced combat system to another game. a browse through the spell lists might generate some ideas for an existing fantasy campaign. But as for the game itself – not for me."[2]

Lawrence Schick commented that the game was "Heavy on charts and tables and light on character development."[1]


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