Fusillade de Fourmies

The Fusillade de Fourmies is an event which happened on the 1st May 1891 in Fourmies, in the French Nord department. This day, the troop fired on a peaceful demonstration of workers claiming "C'est les huit heures qu'il nous faut !" (it's the eight-hour day we need), killing nine people and injuring 35 others.[1]

Fusillade de Fourmies
Le petit Parisien.JPG
Cover of the Petit Parisien on 17 May 1891
Date1st May 1891
LocationFourmies, Nord, France
ParticipantsFrench citizens


Fourmies was a small town of 2000 people at the beginning of the 19th century, but it had an important industrial growth because of the textile industry.[2] In 1891, it had 37 silk and wool mills, and 15 000 people, in majority factory workers.

In the factories, workers worked for 12 hours a day, and six days a week. Their salaries were particularly low.[3]

Starting in 1885, the textile industry in the Nord began to experience difficulties.[3] These difficulties had direct repercussions on workers, with unemployment and salary reductions when food and lodging expenses were rising.[4]


Call to strikeEdit

The right to strike was allowed in France since The Ollivier law on 25 May 1864,[5] but the Trade unions were allowed only since the Waldeck-Rousseau law on 21 March 1884.[6]


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