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Fundidora Park is a public park located east of Monterrey, Mexico in the old land of Fundidora de Acero de Monterrey.

Fundidora Park
Steel Structure Fundidora Park.jpg
The Old Steel Mill at Fundidora Park
TypePublic Park
Coordinates25°40′41″N 100°17′00″W / 25.67806°N 100.28333°W / 25.67806; -100.28333Coordinates: 25°40′41″N 100°17′00″W / 25.67806°N 100.28333°W / 25.67806; -100.28333
Area142 hectares (350 acres)
Operated byFideicomiso Fundidora (Escrow)

History and locationEdit

This urban sustainable park is located inside the former Monterrey Foundry Property with an area of 142 hectares (1.42 km2). The Monterrey Foundry (Monterrey Steel Foundry Company) operated from 1900 until its bankruptcy in 1986. Two years later, after being legally declared financially insolvent, the Fideicomiso Fundidora (Fundidora Escrow) was installed to administer the Park. The park has several industrial buildings from the Old Foundry making it a top famous Archeological Industrial Site in Mexico.

Fundidora Park contains extensive walking tracks, one artificial lake, playgrounds for children and a 2.1 miles (3.4 km) permanent road course which is popular with joggers, bicyclists and inline skaters. Fundidora Park also includes a CINTERMEX which is a convention center, a hotel, the Mabe Fundidora Ice Rink, Sesame Street Park, the Monterrey Arena, an auditorium, Centro de las Artes CONARTE (Council for the Culture and Arts of Nuevo León) museum, Cineteca Nuevo León and other smaller buildings with cultural venues.


Monterrey ArenaEdit

Arena Monterrey

Arena Monterrey is an indoor arena in Monterrey, Mexico. It is primarily used for concerts, shows and indoor sports like indoor soccer or basketball. It used to be the home arena of the Monterrey Fury indoor soccer team and the Fuerza Regia, a professional basketball team in the Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional and the Monterrey La Raza, a team in the NISL.

The Arena Monterrey is owned by Publimax S.A. de C.V. (TV Azteca Northeast), part of the Avalanz Group, who owns 80% and by TV Azteca who owns 20%. The arena is 480,000 square feet (45,000 m²) in size.


Parque Plaza SésamoEdit

Sesame Street Park entrance

Parque Plaza Sésamo is a thematic park devoted to the Sesame Street franchisee, along with the local adaptation known as Plaza Sésamo. This park was inaugurated in 1995.


In this place there are water attractions like: Rio féliz, Aquaventuras, Locoboganes, Flash y Superflash, Rápidos y Superápidos.

Isla Aventura

Llantas, Asoleadero, Mar aventura y Mar bucaneros.


Space shot, Trenecito, Grand Prix, Ovni, Burbujas, Tornado, Count Count Castle.

Auditorio BanamexEdit

Auditorio Citibanamex (formerly named Auditorio Coca-Cola, Auditorio Fundidora and Auditorio Banamex) is an indoor amphitheatre with a capacity of 8,200.[1]
The amphitheatre opened in 1994 with a sponsorship by The Coca-Cola Company, and it was the primary venue for concerts until the Arena Monterrey opened in 2003.

Centro de las ArtesEdit

Museo de AceroEdit



Expo Center @ the Old Lewis Building.
Host of the 2007 Universal Forum of Cultures.

A1GP race historyEdit

Season Sprint Race Winner Feature Race Winner
2005–2006   Alexandre Premat   Alexandre Premat

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