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Fumikane Shimada (島田 フミカネ, Shimada Fumikane, born January 26, 1974), is an anime and video game illustrator and character designer from Okayama Prefecture.

Fumikane Shimada
Born (1974-01-26) January 26, 1974 (age 45)
Known forcharacter design, illustration



Well known for sparking the popularity of the mecha musume boom within the 2000s, Fumikane was involved in various dōjin activities as one of the creators of military hardware girls. Various illustrations were featured in various commercial hobbyist magazines during this time, and his designs have been used in figurines by Toranoana and Konami. Later, he became involved in the character design for various military-themed anime television series and video games.[1][2][3][4]

In July 2013, Fumikane was responsible for designing military recruitment posters and other promotional material for the Japan Self-Defense Forces.[5][6][7]

Art styleEdit

Fumikane's works are well known for their unique mechanical girl design, which involve girls dressed in the armour of various mechanical systems. He is also able to draw detailed illustrations of weapons based on his knowledge of the mechanics of military weapons, and is not limited to drawing female characters.

Main worksEdit



Commercial magazinesEdit



  • Infantry Battle of Illusion (幻の歩兵戦)
  • Strike Witches: Witches of Africa (ストライクウィッチーズ アフリカの魔女): illustrations


  • 『島田フミカネ ART WORKS』, published by Kadokawa Group Publishing. ISBN 9784048542210.


  • Senpai mo kōhai mo osananajimi mo tsundere de nemurenai CD (先輩も後輩も幼なじみもツンデレで眠れないCD)
  • MCTCG Fairy Lore (MCTCG妖精伝承)
  • Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase


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