Fujiwara no Ryoshi

Fujiwara no Ryoshi (藤原 旅子, also read Fujiwara no Tabiko; 759–788) was a Japanese noblewoman of the Nara period. She was a consort to Emperor Kanmu and the mother of Emperor Junna.


Fujiwara no Ryoshi was born in 759[1] to Fujiwara no Momokawa[1] and Fujiwara no Moroe (藤原諸姉),[1] a daughter of Fujiwara no Yoshitsugu.[1] Like many Japanese noblewomen of the pre-modern era, the correct reading of her given name is uncertain,[citation needed] and the readings Ryoshi[1] and Tabiko[1] are speculative on and kun readings, respectively.[citation needed]

In Enryaku 4 (785) she was given the Junior Third Rank.[1] In the first month of the following year, she bore Emperor Kanmu the prince, Prince Ōtomo (大伴親王 Ōtomo-shinnō, later to ascend to the throne as Emperor Junna)[1] and became Emperor Kanmu's consort (夫人 bunin).[1]

She died in 788,[1] at the age of 30 (by Japanese reckoning),[1] and was posthumously granted the Senior First Rank[1] and the title of empress (妃 kisaki).[1] Subsequently, in Kōnin 14 (823) with the accession of her son, she was granted the title of Grand Empress (皇太后 kōtaigō).[1]



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