Fujiwara no Ishi

Fujiwara no Ishi (藤原威子) (999–1036) was the Empress consort of Emperor Go-Ichijō of Japan.

She was the third daughter of Fujiwara no Michinaga. At the manor, she was trained by her older brother, Yorimichi, to be the empress. In 1018, at the age of nineteen, she married her ten-year-old nephew the Emperor and became Empress (Chugu), and thus the third of her sisters to become Empresses in succession, all in marriages arranged by their father the regent. [1] Shoshi was the Grand Empress Dowager, Kenshi was the Empress Dowager, she was the Empress and her younger sister, Kishi was the Crown Princess. Kenshi and Kishi died soon and these tragedies leave deep wounds on her family.


On September 4th, the same year of Emperor Go-Ichijō's passing, she took tonsure as a Buddhist nun. She died two days later at the age of 38.[2]


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