Fuerte dela Concepcion y del Triunfo

Fuerte dela Concepcion y del Triunfo also known as Fort of Misamis is a citadel first built by Spanish Jesuit priest and commander, Jose Ducos, for the town of Misamis in Mindanao island, now the modern city of Ozamiz, Philippines. Construction of the structure completed in 1756.[2] It is made out of coral stone and has four bastions (baluarte) namely San Fernando, San Jose, Santiago and San Ignacio. The fort was built to serve as a Spanish outpost in the area as a form of protection against marauding pirates.[3] A special chapel was built inside the walls of the fort and an image of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception, was enshrined in the chapel and outside the fort on the wall facing the bay, was a carved image of the Virgin Mary (Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepción y del Triunfo de la Cruz de Migpangi). The image on the Cotta's wall is believed to be miraculously growing and has been the object of pilgrimage.[4]

Fuerte dela Concepcion y del Triunfo
Fuerte dela Concepcion y del Triunfo
Fuerte de la Concepcion y del Triunfo walls.jpg
Alternative namesFort of Misamis
General information
Locationalong the Panguil Bay
Town or cityOzamiz
Coordinates8°08′25″N 123°50′50″E / 8.14028°N 123.84722°E / 8.14028; 123.84722Coordinates: 8°08′25″N 123°50′50″E / 8.14028°N 123.84722°E / 8.14028; 123.84722
Technical details
Structural systemMasonry
DesignationsNational Historical Landmark[1]


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