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Fuck Was I

"Fuck Was I" is a song by Jenny Owen Youngs, from her 2005 album Batten the Hatches. Its name refers to the phrase "What the fuck was I thinking?"[1]

Youngs wrote it "between (her) junior and senior years at SUNY Purchase".[2] She is accompanied by Dan Romer (organ) and Patrick Petty (cello).[3]


Spin called it a "stand-out"[4] — an opinion shared by Autostraddle, who also called it a "stirring anthem for the regretful".[5] MusicOMH considered it "rueful",[6] while LA Weekly described it as an "antilove song" that evinces Youngs' "unexpectedly wicked sense of humor".[1] Pop Matters described it as "attention-grabbing" and "charming at first", but faulted it for being "a little too self-conscious" with some lyrics that are "overwrought", judging that it was "an example of all that is both right and wrong with Batten the Hatches".[3]


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