Frucor is a Japanese-owned beverage company operating in Australasia, and headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand. The company is known for its V energy drink launched in 1997, which is sold across the world including Europe, South Africa and Argentina.[3]

Frucor Suntory Beverages Limited
FounderNZ Apple and Pear Board
Area served
New Zealand
United Kingdom
Key people
Jonathan Moss (Group CEO) Peter Lamb (Group CFO - Global)
ProductsV Energy Drink, Mizone Just Juice[1]
ServicesDistributor and Manufacturer of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Number of employees
800 (as of 2014)[2]


Frucor was founded by New Zealand Apple and Pear Board in 1962 and released their first product, Fresh Up.[4][5] In 1978, New Zealand Olympic track runner John Walker endorsed the Fresh Up product, with the catchphrase "Fresh Up – it's got to be good for you'".[6] Frucor was owned by New Zealand Apple and Pear Board until 1998, when it was purchased for $50 million by Pacific Equity Partners.[7] In 1999 Frucor became the exclusive bottler for Pepsi products in New Zealand.[8] In 2000 Frucor launched V in the UK and Ireland manufactured in the Netherlands.

In 2001, Forbes named Frucor in its Top 20 Companies of 2002.[9] In January 2002, Groupe Danone purchased Frucor[10] for $294 million after bidding since October 2001[11] and being rejected by Frucor in the beginning.[12] That same year, Frucor acquired the Australian fruit juice company Spring Valley from Bonlac Foods (now Fonterra).[13]

In 2007, Frucor partnered with MySpace to host a job promotions campaign with participants Rolling Stone, Billabong. The collaboration with MySpace and the job promoters was the first of its type in Australia.[14] In October 2008, Groupe Danone sold Frucor to Japanese company Suntory for over €600 million.[15]

In January 2011, Frucor launched the V brand in Spain,[3] where by June, was already being sold in 8,000 outlets.[4][4]

In 2013, Frucor sponsored the IGN Australia Black Beta Select Awards.[16]


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