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FrontBase is a relational database management system written in ANSI C.[1][2] FrontBase uses the Unicode character encoding.[1]

Developer(s)FrontBase, Inc.
Stable release
8.2.6 / 15 December 2015; 3 years ago (2015-12-15)
Operating systemCross platform
LicenseFrontBase, Inc.

International standardsEdit

FrontBase complies with SQL 92 (fully compliant), Unicode (Unicode 2.0) and TCP/IP (uses sockets).[1]

Available platformsEdit

FrontBase is available on the following platforms:

  • Macintosh - Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server 10.x and Mac OS X Server 1.2
  • Linux - RedHat, SuSE(Intel and Power PC), YellowDog Linux and Mandrake Linux
  • Unix - FreeBSB, Solaris and HP-UX
  • Windows - Windows NT and Windows 2000.[1]

Drivers and adaptorsEdit

Drivers and adaptors include Apple WebObjects, PHP3,[2] PHP4,[2] Perl, ODBC, JDBC, Omnis Studio, REALBasic, Tcl, EOF, FBAccess and FBCAccess.[1]

Data typesEdit

Data types supported include INTEGER, DECIMAL, TIMESTAMP, BLOB and VARCHAR.[3]

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