From There to Here (soundtrack)

From There to Here – a soundtrack album by British rock band I Am Kloot, written for the drama television series under the same title. The record was released on 24 November 2014 through Kudos Records/Caroline Records.

From There to Here
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Soundtrack album by
Released24 November 2014 (2014-11-24)[1][2]
LabelKudos Records[1] / Caroline Records[3][2]
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From There to Here
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The material consists of 16 new instrumental tracks and three songs known from the previous discography of the band[2]. For the first time I Am Kloot members worked as individuals on the same project, corresponding via emails[2]. The bassist, Peter Jobson, has described this process as a „refreshing” experience after „fifteen years of recording all together in one room”[2].

It was the second time when the screenwriter Peter Bowker decided to use music by I Am Kloot[4]. The first was in the medical drama television series Monroe[4] – which included three songs known from the previous studio albums by the band. The band's music was again featured prominently in Bowker's 2016 drama The A Word.

Except for the standard CD edition, a limited number of signed CDs and vinyls has been released.[4] This is the final record before their dissolutions in 2016.

Track listingEdit

Track lengths according to iTunes[5]
1 "From There to Here" 1:43
2 "Turning" 0:46
3 "The Same Deep Water as Me" 4:08
 – a song from the album I Am Kloot
4 "Blue" 3:06
5 "A Dream (Part 1)" 2:41
6 "Joanne and Daniel (Part 1)" 3:55
7 "Euro '96" 4:18
8 "Daniel Flashback" 1:13
9 "Daniel Stressed" 1:18
10 "The Bomb" 2:18
11 "A Dream (Part 2)" 1:35
12 "Even the Stars" 4:09
 – a song from the album Let It All In
13 "IRA Tribute Act" 1:02
14 "Heart Attack" 3:31
15 "Hospital Baby" 0:25
16 "Salford Refrain" 0:51
17 "Joanne and Daniel (Part 2)" 1:26
18 "Northern Skies" 4:04
 – a song from the album Sky at Night
19 "From There to Here (Reprise)" 3:09


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