From Morning to Midnight

From Morning to Midnight is an expressionist play written by German Georg Kaiser in 1912.[1]

Major charactersEdit

  • Clerk
  • Italian Lady
  • Mother, at the Clerk's home
  • 2 Daughters, also at the Clerk's home
  • Harlequin, who appears in the brothel scene
  • Penitent Cyclist, who speaks during the Salvation Army meeting
  • Salvation Army Officer, who makes a speech at the meeting
  • Salvation Amy girl, who appears in a number of scenes.

Production historyEdit

Although written in 1912, From Morning to Midnight was not staged until 1917, due to censorship by German authorities about its portrayal of the Kaiser.

In 2013, the play was staged at the National Theatre in London,[2] with a cast including:


In 1920, a film version of the play, From Morn to Midnight was directed by Karlheinz Martin. In 2001, an opera by David Sawer based on the play, and also entitled From Morning to Midnight, was produced by English National Opera.


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