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Friend & Lover was an American folk-singing duo composed of husband-and-wife team Jim and Cathy Post. The duo is best known for its hit single "Reach out of the Darkness," which reached number 10 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in the summer of 1968.[1]

Biographical informationEdit

Cathy Conn was born May 30, 1945, in Chicago, Illinois. She had a background in song and dance before meeting future husband Jim Post at a Canadian provincial fair in 1964. Their marriage and the band eventually broke up. Cathy remarried twice, became Cat Conn, had three children and five grandchildren, and lived for a short time in the mountains of New Mexico.[2] In 2015 or 2016, she moved back into Chicago to live out the rest of her days with two of her grandchildren and one of her first children. She died in Evanston, Illinois, on July 4, 2018, at 73.[3]

Jim Post was born October 28, 1939, in Houston, Texas. He had previously performed with the folk group the Rum Runners. He went on to record solo albums for labels such as Flying Fish Records and Fantasy Records.

Reach out of the DarknessEdit

Jim, inspired by a New York City love-in, wrote the duo's only significant hit single, "Reach out of the Darkness."[4] The song was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, with Ray Stevens and Joe South on the session, and released on the Verve Forecast label[5] (although the Verve Records Discography has a completely different account of the song and its flip "Time on Your Side (You're Only 15 Years Old)" being recorded in New York City on 23 August 1967, with the sides reversed[6]). The song made the U.S. Top 10 chart in June 1968 and was adopted as a kind of anthem by the protest movement against American politics of the time.[7] It was re-released as the title track of a follow-up album in 1969. The song became a staple of local and regional Christian rock groups in the 1970s, as the lyrics were viewed by many as having religious overtones.[citation needed] The song appeared in the movie 1969, Aquarius: "A Change is Gonna Come" (season 1, episode 5), in Beverly Hills, 90210: "The Time Has Come Today" (season 4, episode 25),[8] and in Mad Men: "Man With a Plan" (season 6, episode 7).[9]



Year Album Record Label
1968 Reach out of the Darkness Verve Forecast Records

Track listingEdit

  1. "Boston Is a Lovely Town"
  2. "I'm a Woman, I'm a Man"
  3. "Zig-Zag"
  4. "Saturday's Hero"
  5. "Room to Let (to Rowena with Love)"
  6. "Reach out of the Darkness"
  7. "A Wise Man Changes His Mind"
  8. "Ode to a Dandelion"
  9. "If Love Is in Your Heart"
  10. "The Weddin' March (I Feel Groovy)"
  11. "The Way We Were in the Beginning"


Year Title Peak chart
Record Label B-side Album
1965 "Santa's Got a Brand New Bag"
(as Jim and Cathy)
Cadet Records "People Stand Back"
1967 "A Town Called Love" ABC Records "If Tomorrow"
"Reach out of the Darkness" 10 Verve Forecast
"Time on Your Side
(You're Only 15 Years Old)"
Reach out of the Darkness
1968 "If Love Is in Your Heart" 86 "Zig-Zag"
1969 "Circus" "I Want to Be Free"
"A Wise Man Changes His Mind" "Ode to a Dandelion" Reach out of the Darkness
1970 "Hard Lovin'" Cadet Concept Records "Colorado Exile"

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