Friedrich Weber (entomologist)

Friedrich Weber (3 August 1781, Kiel – 21 March 1823, Kiel) was a German physician, botanist and entomologist.[1][2] He was a pupil of Johan Christian Fabricius (1745–1808), and wrote Nomenclator entomologicus in 1795 at the age of 14 and Observationes entomologicae in 1801.[1] These two works contained the first descriptions of many new insect species and also first descriptions of other invertebrates like the lobster genus Homarus.

Friedrich Weber, lithograph by Siegfried Bendixen, 1828

Partial list of worksEdit

  • 1795 : Nomenclator entomologicus secundum entomologian systematicam ill. Fabricii, adjectis speciebus recens detectis et varietatibus. Chiloni et Hamburgi: C.E. Bohn viii 171 pp.
  • 1801. Observationes entomologicae, continentes novorum quae condidit generum characteres, et nuper detectarum specierum descriptiones. Impensis Bibliopolii Academici Novi, Kiliae, 12 + 116 pp. [xerox: 112-116]
  • with M. H. Mohr 1804. Naturhistorische Reise durch einen Theil Schwedens. Göttingen.


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