Frente Obrero

Frente Obrero (Spanish for 'Workers Front') was a national trade union centre in Nicaragua. It was founded c. 1972-74, as the trade union wing of the MAP-ML.

FO poster. Slogan reads 'Negotiate with the workers - not the contra!'

When the National Reconstruction Government was formed on July 19, 1979, FO had one of 33 representatives in the Council of State.[1] As of 1983, it was mainly active in the construction and sugar cane sectors.[2]

Adopting what it saw as an anti-revisionist policy on the Sandinistas, starting in 1980 strikes led by the Front occurred in the private sugar mills of San Antonio and Monterrosa, while the Front called for 100% salary increases, started a series of occupations of privately owned lands and industries, sabotaged government-led economic efforts, and advocated the development of "another civil war, this time against the Sandinista Front."[3] Its base of support, however, gradually declined from thereon.

It was dissolved in 1986.

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