French frigate Dryade (1783)

Dryade [note 1] was a 38-gun Hébé-class frigate of the French Navy.

John Christian Schetky, HMS Amelia Chasing the French Frigate Aréthuse 1813 (1852).jpg
Proserpine, sister-ship of Dryade
French Navy Ensign France
Name: Dryade
Namesake: Dryad
Builder: Saint Malo
Laid down: 1782
Launched: 3 February 1783
Commissioned: April 1783
Struck: 1796
General characteristics
Class and type: Hébé-class frigate
Displacement: 700 tonnes
Length: 46.3 m (152 ft)
Beam: 11.9 m (39 ft)
Draught: 5.5 m (18 ft)
Complement: 350
  • 26 x long 18-pounder
  • 10 x long 8-pounders
  • 4 x caronades

In December 1787, Vénus formed a frigate division under Guy Pierre de Kersaint, along with Méduse, and sailed to Cochinchina to ferry Pigneau de Behaine, Ambassador of France.

model, Musée Saint-Remi.

In 1794, Dryade was at Brest under Ensign Meynene. The next year, under Lieutenant Lafargue, she cruised off Bretagne.

From 1796, she was used as a hulk in Brest harbour, and was eventually scrapped in 1801.

A model of Dryade is on display at the Abbey of Saint-Remi.[1]


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