Frederick W. Bohnstedt

Frederick W. Bohnstedt (1825 in Germany – c. 1883) was an American jurist and Democratic party politician who served as the ninth Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey from 1867 to 1869.[2]

Frederick W. Bohnstedt
9th Mayor of Hoboken
In office
April 1867 – April 1869
Preceded byFrederick B. Ogden
Succeeded byHazen Kimball
Personal details
Diedc. 1883[1]
Political partyDemocratic
ResidenceHoboken, New Jersey

He was naturalized on October 22, 1852. In 1858 he was the Democratic party nominee for City Collector.[3]

He was elected the coroner for Hoboken, New Jersey in 1861.[4][5] His election as coroner served as an early example of German American political success in a city that was dominated by the Irish American political machine at that time.[6]

In 1864 he was secretary of the county Democratic convention [1]

He served as a judge for the New Jersey Court of Common Pleas in 1867 before running for mayor.[7]

He was nominated for Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey in 1867.[8]

Commissioned as a lieutenant colonel in the Hudson Brigade of the New Jersey Militia in 1868.[9]

By 1870 he was a circuit judge.[10]

Bohnstedt was an unsuccessful candidate for mayor in 1879 losing to Elbridge Van Syckel Besson.[11]

He died around 1883.

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