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Francis George Parks (March 1875 – 14 May 1945) was a British amateur heavyweight boxer.[1] He joined the Polytechnic Boxing Club in 1892, and won the Studd Trophy in 1902.[2] He also won a bronze medal at the 1908 Summer Olympics.[3]

Frank Parks
Frank Parks cropped.png
Parks circa 14 May 1911
BornMarch 1875
Died14 May 1945(1945-05-14) (aged 70)
Known forBritish amateur heavyweight champion
Height5' 11"
Hayes the trainer; Reuben Charles Warnes; W. W. Allen; secretary Edward T. Calver of the ABA; Alfred Spenceley; Frank Parks; Ralph Erskine; and Murray the trainer circa 14 May 1911


He was born in March 1875 in London, England, to George Parks and Eliza Ann Barrington.[4][5][circular reference][6] He had a brother, Frederick Parks, who would go on to win a bronze medal in the Olympics in 1908.[1] Around 1896 he married Ada Sarah Waller in London and they had the following children: Maud Lilian Parks (1897–1983), Francis George Parks (1898–?); Rose Gladys Parks (1900–?), Ivy Mary Parks (1904–?), and Olive Eva Parks (1907–1991).[7] He was the ABA Heavyweight Champion in 1899, 1901, 1902, 1905 and 1906.[8][9]

In 1911 he and Reuben Charles Warnes went to the United States with the Amateur Boxing Association of England to fight in Madison Square Garden in a series of exhibition bouts.[9] In one of the 1911 matches in the United States he lost to William Spengler in three rounds on a referee's decision.[10]

He died on 22 May 1945 in Hampstead, in a car crash.[2]



A plaque in the shape of a laurel wreath was dedicated to Frank Parks by the Polytechnic Boxing Club "as a token of admiration by his many friends for his high example and untiring effort for the welfare of the this [sic?] club for 52 years". The plaque is dated 7 November 1946.

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