Frederick Lord (athlete)

Frederick Thomas "Fred" Lord (11 February 1879 - February 1928) was a British track and field athlete who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics and the 1912 Summer Olympics. He finished 15th and 21st in the Men's Marathon in his two Olympic games.[1] Lord was the only one to finish both races.

Frederick Lord
Personal information
Born(1879-02-11)11 February 1879
Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, England
SportLong-distance running

In later life Lord lived in Cleckheaton, and worked for the chemical firm of Crowther & Co. Ltd. Whilst at work in February 1928 he used a knife as a replacement for a shoe-horn. Upon cutting his heel he developed septic poisoning and died.[2] He left a widow and four children.[3]


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