Frederick G. Nolan

Frederick G. Nolan (July 5, 1927 – June 4, 2016) was a land surveyor as well as a known Oak Island treasure hunter. He has appeared on the History Channel's TV series about the island, The Curse of Oak Island, in episodes 7 and 8 of season 3.[1]

Frederick G. Nolan
Born(1927-07-05)July 5, 1927
DiedJune 4, 2016(2016-06-04) (aged 88)
Halifax, Nova Scotia
OccupationLand Surveyor, Oak Island Historian
Spouse(s)Ora (Miller)
ChildrenThomas J.

Career as land surveyorEdit

Nolan was one of the first land surveyors in the province of Nova Scotia to receive designation as a Provincial Land Surveyor. With his brother he opened a surveying company called Nolan Brothers Surveys. Some of their notable works include the layout of the entire Westmount Subdivision at the site of the old Halifax airport on Chebucto Road. Another, was the site of the first Sobeys store in Halifax Regional Municipality.[citation needed][2]

Oak IslandEdit

Nolan became interested in the history of Oak Island and its supposed treasure. Nolan started studying documents and maps from the maritime libraries and museums. During this exploration of over fifty years, Nolan uncovered numerous unexplained markings and artifacts from Oak Island’s terrain. Nolan also found a cross made of boulders on his property on the island. He maintained his interest in this quest until his passing in 2016.[2]


Nolan was born on July 5, 1927 in Halifax, Nova Scotia to parents Thomas and Catherine Pierce. Nolan died after a short illness on June 4, 2016, at the age of 88.[2]


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