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Frank Owen is a United States author, novelist and anthologist. He wrote 10 novels in the 1930s under the pseudonym Roswell Williams, a name which is sometimes erroneously listed as his real name.[1] Owen is best known for his oriental fantasy short stories,[1] many of which appeared in the magazine Weird Tales.[2] Owen also co-wrote several children's collections with his wife, Ethel Owen.[1]

Frank Owen
Died(1968-10-13)October 13, 1968
Pen nameRoswell Williams
Occupationauthor, novelist, anthologist
NationalityUnited States
Owen's "Singapore Nights" was the cover story on the debut issue of Oriental Stories in 1930
Owen's "Quest of a Noble Tiger" was the cover story in the January 1943 Weird Tales



Novels and collectionsEdit

  • Coat Tales from the Pockets of the Happy Giant (with Ethel Owen, collection, 1927)
  • The Dream Hills of Happy Country (with Ethel Owen, collection, 1928)
  • House Mother (1929)
  • Pale Pink Porcelain (1929)
  • The Wind that Tramps the World (1929)
  • The Purple Sea (collection, 1930)
  • Windblown Stories (with Ethel Owen, collection, 1930)
  • Della Wu, Chinese Courtesan (collection, 1931)
  • Rare Earth (1931)
  • The Blue Highway (with Ethel Owen, collection, 1932)
  • "Vagabond Lady" (as Roswell Williams, 1934)
  • Madonna of the Damned (as Roswell Williams, 1935)
  • Lovers of La Fab (as Roswell Williams, 1935)

"Dark Destiny"(as Roswell Williams, 1936)


  • Murder for Millions (1946)
  • Fireside Mystery Book (1947)
  • Teen-age Mystery Stories (1948)


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