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Francisco Covarrubias (1775 in Havana – 1850) was a Cuban actor and dramatist known as "the father of Cuban theatre".[1] Covarrubias was notable in the history of the music of Cuba through his involvement in the early days of Cuban musical theatre. He has a memorial plaque at the National Theater of Cuba where the second-largest auditorium, the Covarrubias Hall, is named after him.


  1. ^ Martin Banham, Errol Hill, George William Woodyard The Cambridge Guide to African and Caribbean Theatre - 1994 Page 159 "The acknowledged father of the Cuban national theatre is Francisco Covarrubias (1775-1850). Impresario, actor and author of more than twenty plays, he was famous for his representations of the 'negrito' (the white actor in black face), ..."
    - Felicia Hardison Londré, Daniel J. Watermeier The History of North American Theater 2000 Page 158 "Author of many short populist plays with a distinctly Cuban flavor, the actor Francisco Covarrubias (1775-1850) earned posterity's accolade as the father of Cuban theater."