Francesco I Crispo

Francesco I Crispo, Patrizio Veneto (died 1397) was the tenth Duke of the Archipelago through his marriage and the will of Venice.

Francesco Crispo was probably born in Verona. He was Lord of Milos, thus a vassal to the Duke of Naxos, as well as his cousin through his marriage to Fiorenza Sanudo, a grand-daughter of the Duke Guglielmo Sanudo. Crispo might also have been a pirate. He was sent by the Republic of Venice to Naxos in March 1383 for concern that the then Duke Niccolò III dalle Carceri was incompetent. The Republic suffered from predation by the Ottoman Empire in the Aegean.[1]

On the island, a hunt was suggested. Officially, on the way back Niccolo III, escorted by Crispo's men was attacked by rebels or thieves. He fell off his horse and died. To quench any revolt, Francesco Crispo had to assume power.[1]

The Republic of Venice quickly sent its congratulations.[2]

Andros was another problem. It belonged to Maria Sanudo, sister of the late duke. When Francesco gave as a dowry Andros and Syros to his own daughter Pétronilla, Maria Sanudo called for justice in Venice.[3]

With his wife he had eight children:


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