François Malmédy

François Lellorquis de Malmédy (circa 1750–November 1781), the Marquis de Malmédy, (also known as François Malmédy-Gray) was a sous lieutenant of cavalry in the French Army prior to 1776 and a Continental Army officer during the American Revolution after he arrived in the American colonies in 1776. He was reported to be descended from an Irish family named Gray that settled in France.[1][2]

François Lellorquis de Malmédy
Nickname(s)Marquis de Malmédy
Borncirca 1750
DiedNovember 1781
Sumter County, South Carolina
AllegianceFrance, Rhode Island, North Carolina
Ranksous lieutenant, brevet major, brigadier general
UnitFrench Army, Rhode Island Line, Rhode Island Militia, North Carolina Light Dragoons Regiment
Commands helddirector of defense works in the Rhode Island Militia
Battles/warsBattle of Eutaw Springs Battle of Stono Ferry

Revolutionary War serviceEdit

Malmédy was hot headed and arrogant, refusing to take assignments that he felt were beneath him, as seen in his letters to General Washington.[1][3][4]


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