François Dufault

François Dufault (or Dufaut) (before 1604 (?) – ca. 1672?) was a French lutenist and composer.

Dufault was born in Bourges, France. As a student of Denis Gaultier, he enjoyed an excellent reputation as an instrumentalist, which is demonstrated in many contemporary sources where he was described as one of the greatest lutenists of his time. Almost no information is preserved about his life. He died, probably during the end of the 1660s or early 1670s, in England.

From his works has survived a collection of twelve lute compositions in tablature besides a few individual works in manuscript or other compilations. His works are written with a lot of harmonic freedom and nearly in an improvisatory style.


Here are some of Dufaut's lute works, out of about 165 pieces:

  • Suite en sol mineur :
  • Suite en ut mineur :
    • Prélude
    • Allemande
    • Courent
    • Sarabande
    • Guigue
  • Suite en la mineur :
    • Prélude
    • Allemande
    • Gigue
    • Courante
    • Courante
    • Sarabande
  • Suite en ut majeur :
    • Allemande
    • Sarabande
    • Gavotte
    • Sauterelle
  • Pavane en mi mineur


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  • In 2006, André Henrich dedicated an entire record to the composer, disque Aeolus.
  • Les Accords Nouveaux II, record by Sigrun Richter devoted to suites by René Mézangeau, Nicolas Bouvier, Mr Dubuisson (Étienne Houselot), Nicolas Chevalier and François Dufaut.

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