François Baillairgé

François Baillairgé (21 January 1759 – 15 September 1830) was an architect who also pursued painting and wood sculpture.

François Baillairgé
Born21 January 1759
Died15 September 1830
Alma materapprenticed to Jean Baillairgé; Petit Séminaire de Québec

The son of Jean Baillairgé, François began an apprenticeship in his father's shop at the age of 14. There he studied and practised woodworking, wood-carving, and architecture. His brother, Pierre-Florent, was also active as a carver and joiner in the business. He also studied at the Petit Séminaire de Québec and then studied in Paris for three years, returning to Lower Canada in 1781. His training in Paris, although not completed, gave him a strong foundation in painting, sculpture, and architecture.

A great deal of his work was in the field of painting and he was very productive although he did not achieve a level of success that matched his ambition. He had a high level of achievement as a wood-carver in architectural projects working through his father's workshop.

By 1815, he had introduced his son, Thomas, into the family business and they produced some substantial work together. François also produced many plans for a variety of clients in his work as an architect.


Building Year Completed Builder Style Location Image
Morrin Centre, (former Quebec Prison) 1808 - 1813 François Baillairgé Chaussée des Écossais (formerly St. Stanislas Street), Quebec City  
Notre-Dame Basilica (Montreal) interior decoration;choir 1785-95; facade & vault decoration, 1818; demolished, 1824 François Baillairgé Montreal
Quebec Court House 1799-1804; burned 1873 François Baillairgé St. Louis Street, Quebec City
Chateau St. Louis 1810-11; burned 1834 François Baillairgé Quebec City
Former Trois-Rivières Prison 1816-1822 François Baillairgé Trois-Rivières
Congregationalist Chapel 1818 François Baillairgé St. Joseph Street, Quebec City
Église Saint-Roch 1811, burned 1816; rebuilt 1816-18; demol. 1914 François Baillairgé St. Joseph Street, Quebec City
Grand Allee, country residence for Joseph F. Perrault 1812 François Baillairgé Quebec City
Finlay Market 1816 François Baillairgé Quebec City
Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, Quebec City, remodeling of the facade and interior 1816 François Baillairgé Place Royale, Quebec City  
Jesuit Chapel 1818 François Baillairgé Auteuil Street, Quebec City


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