Fríðrikur Petersen

Fríðrikur Petersen (April 22, 1853 – April 26, 1917) was a noted Faroese Unionist politician and clergyman. [1]

Fríðrikur Petersen
Frederik's Church in Nes


Petersen was born at Saltnes in Eysturoy. He was the son of Johannes Petersen (1812–1901) and Susanne Frederikke Olesdatter (1826–1905). He became a student in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1875 and was awarded his Cand.theol. in 1880. He was ordained a Lutheran priest in the Church of the Faroe Islands (Fólkakirkjan). He served as parish priest at Sandoynni (1880), Suðuroy (1885) and at Østerø (1900). He was a rural dean at Nes in Eysturoy from 1900 to 1917. [1]

Petersen was chairman of the Sambandpartiet from its foundation in 1906 until his death in 1917. He was a member of the Faroese Løgting (1890) and the Danish Landsting (1892–1900). He served as county councilor for the Faroe Islands 1894–1902. [2]

Personal lifeEdit

He was married in 1880 with Sophie Amalie Wesenberg (1861–1919). He died during 1917 in Copenhagen.[1]

Frederik's Church in NesEdit

Fredericks Church (Fríðrikskirkjan) in Nes was completed in 1994 and was named in honor of Fríðrikur Petersen. [3]

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