Four Perils

The Four Perils (Chinese: 四凶; pinyin: Sì Xiōng) are four malevolent beings that existed in Chinese mythology and the antagonistic counterparts of the Four Benevolent Animals.

Si Xiong
Chinese name
Literal meaningFour Perils
Japanese name
Si Zui
Chinese name
Literal meaningFour Evildoers
Japanese name

Book of DocumentsEdit

In the Book of Documents, they are defined as the "Four Evildoers" (四罪; Sì Zuì):[1]

Zuo Zhuan and ShanhaijingEdit

In the Zuo Zhuan and the Shanhaijing, they are defined as:

  • the Hundun (混沌; Hùndùn; 'chaotic torrent'), a yellow winged creature of chaos with six legs and no face;
  • the Qiongqi (窮奇; Qióngqí; 'poor and strange'), a monstrous creature that eats people, consider the same in Japan as Kamaitachi
  • the Taowu (檮杌; Táowù; 'stupid stump'), a reckless, stubborn creature;
  • the Taotie (饕餮; Tāotiè; 'greedy glutton'), a gluttonous beast.

In popular anime A Certain Scientific Accelerator the above four perils are featured.

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