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Frenaros (Greek: Φρέναρος; locally [ˈfrenːaɾos]) is a village in the Famagusta District of Cyprus. In 2011, it had a population of 4,298.[1]

Church of Agios Andronikos
Church of Agios Andronikos
Frenaros is located in Cyprus
Location in Cyprus
Coordinates: 35°2′27″N 33°55′9″E / 35.04083°N 33.91917°E / 35.04083; 33.91917Coordinates: 35°2′27″N 33°55′9″E / 35.04083°N 33.91917°E / 35.04083; 33.91917
Country Cyprus
DistrictFamagusta District
 • Total4,298
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)


The village was named after the Fremenors, the Lusignan monks who lived in the nearby Panagia of Hortakion monastery, and has two churches that date back to the 12th century.[2] The village itself dates back to the Neolithic period, evidenced by residues discovered by Swedish archeologist Einar Gjerstad in 1925. The earliest known mention of the village was in the 15th century, where it was referred as "Apano Frenaro" (Απάνω Φρέναρο; "Up Frenaro") and "Kato Frenaro" (Κάτω Φρέναρο; "Down Frenaro"), suggesting that the village once used to be divided into two separate parts.[3]

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