Fort Augustus Pier railway station

Fort Augustus Pier was a railway station in Inverness-shire, Scotland, and served as the north terminus of the Invergarry and Fort Augustus Railway between 1903 and 1906.

Fort Augustus Pier
General information
Other information
Original companyInvergarry and Fort Augustus Railway
Pre-groupingHighland Railway
Key dates
22 July 1903Station opened[1]
1 October 1906Station closed[1]

Overview edit

The station was opened in 1903 as the north terminus of the line, situated outside of Fort Augustus, located on the banks of Loch Ness. The station cost a total of £348 (equivalent to £47,202 in 2023)[2] to build.[3]

A run round loop was included at this station to allow locomotives to run around to make a return journey. The station building featured a general waiting room, but no public conveniences.[4]

The station was closed on 30 September 1906 due to poor traffic, and the station was dismantled when the track was lifted. Nothing of the station survives today.

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