Former town hall of Nieuwer-Amstel

The City Hall in Nieuwer-Amstel is a Neo renaissance building built in 1889-1892 overlooking the Amstel. It was the seat of the city of Nieuwer-Amstel's government, but after absorption into the municipality of Amsterdam in 1896, it became a location for the Amsterdam City Archives in 1914.[1]

Old City Hall of Nieuwer-Amstel on the Amsteldijk 67, Amsterdam.


View across the Amstel from rowing club "De Hoop".

The town hall was built on the site of the former Bergenvaarderskamer, a guild hall for the Amsterdam shippers and merchants to Bergen, Norway.[2] The sculptures on the front of the building above the doorway and at the top of the gable were made by Bart van Hove.[1]

Coordinates: 52°21′12″N 4°54′25″E / 52.35333°N 4.90694°E / 52.35333; 4.90694


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