Forgotten Rebels

The Forgotten Rebels are a punk rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Founded in 1977,[1] the Forgotten Rebels have a discography of seven albums and a collection of EPs and singles.

The Forgotten Rebels
The Forgotten Rebels perform on stage at the Legends Valley Music Festival at Lake Cowichan, BC Canada on August 26, 2016. Jeff C and Mickey DeSadist of the band are pictured.
The Forgotten Rebels in 2016.
Left to Right: Jeff Campbell (guitar), Mickey DeSadist (vocals)
Background information
OriginHamilton, Ontario, Canada
GenresPunk rock
Years active1977–present
Associated actsThe Mickey DeSadist Show
MembersMickey DeSadist
Jeff Campbell
Shawn Maher
Dan Casale


In 1979, Chris Houston (a.k.a. Pogo Agogo) joined the band and played bass on the 1980 release In Love With the System. Houston left the band just over a year later citing "creative differences" and time constraints as he pursued post secondary education.

"It’s time that we be nice to each other. And if somebody’s acting out of line, he gets his ass kicked. Racism is stupid," lead singer and founder Mickey DeSadist has stated. "People should listen to our music for what it is. I was making fun of rednecks in "Bomb the Boats". More than anything, I was just making fun of that. But I guess it came across the wrong way."[2]


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In Love With the System (1979)Edit

  • Produced by Bob "Cowboy" Bryden
  • Star Records

Track list:

  1. Bomb the Boats and Feed the Fish
  2. I Think of Her
  3. In Love with the System
  4. The Punks Are Allright
  5. Rich and Bored
  6. Time to Run
  7. Fuck Me Dead
  8. No Beatles Reunion
  9. You're A Rebel Too
  10. I Left My Heart In Iran
  11. Elvis Is Dead
  12. Bones In The Hallway

This Ain't Hollywood (1981)Edit

  • Produced by Bob "Cowboy" Bryden
  • Star Records

Track list:

  1. Hello Hello
  2. Tell Me You Love Me
  3. This Ain't Hollywood
  4. Don't Hide Your Face
  5. Memory Lane
  6. Surfin' On Heroin
  7. Rhona Barrett
  8. The Me Generation
  9. England Keep Yer Stars
  10. Eve Of Destruction
  11. Your Own Little World
  12. Save the Last Dance For Me
  13. It Won't Be Long

The Pride and Disgrace (1986)Edit

Track list:

  1. Ethiopia
  2. Sadie
  3. Graveyard Rock
  4. Rain
  5. Little Girl
  6. Hiding In Your Room
  7. I Am King
  8. Bomb Russia
  9. Matchstick Man
  10. Live Strippers
  11. Underwear
  12. Surfin' On Heroin
  13. Bonus track: Bomb Russia (Replay)

Surfin' on Heroin (1988)Edit

  • Produced by Ken McNeil
  • Restless / Enigma / EMI records

Side One

  1. Bomb the Boats
  2. I'm in Love with the System
  3. Let's Go Back
  4. A.I.D.S.
  5. I Left My Heart in Iran
  6. Rock and Roll's a Hard Life

Side two

  1. Little Girl Thrills
  2. Live Strippers in Action
  3. Hell Begins at Home
  4. Elvis Is Dead
  5. Surfin' on Heroin
  6. FMD

(Untitled) (1989)Edit

  • Produced by Stacy Heydon
  • Restless / Enigma / EMI records

Track list:

  1. Behind Bars
  2. Touch Me
  3. Dizzy
  4. Good Times (Never Last)
  5. Tea & Crumpets
  6. Wild-Eyed Darlin'
  7. I Gotta Axe
  8. The Girl Can't Come
  9. Evelyn Dick
  10. Don't Die Alone
  11. Science Fiction Double Feature (Theme From The Rocky Horror Show)

Criminal Zero (1994)Edit

  • Produced by Dave McGhire and Eric Ratz
  • Air America / EMI records

Track list:

  1. Criminal Zero
  2. The Hammer 3:36
  3. Buried Alive 4:03
  4. Asshole 3:42
  5. Gangland 3:27
  6. Autosuck 2:05
  7. Karaoke Nite In Attica 3:00
  8. Do It To You 2:13
  9. Hard Knox 2:53
  10. Prisoners 3:31
  11. Next Big Thrill 3:08
  12. Views 3:16
  13. New Flag 3:07
  14. Shit For Brains 3:01

Executive Outcomes (1997)Edit

Track list:

  1. In Love With The System
  2. You're A Rebel Too
  3. The Punks Are Alright
  4. Time To Run
  5. They're Coming To Take Me Away (Live)
  6. I Left My Heart In Iran (Live)
  7. I Think Of Her (Live)
  8. Fuck Me Dead (Live)
  9. Bomb The Boats (And Feed The Fish) (Live)
  10. Rich & Bored (Live)
  11. Elvis Is Dead (Live)
  12. Bones In The Hallway (Live)
  13. Nazis (Live)
  14. You're A Rebel, Too (Live)
  15. Time To Run (Live)

Nobody's Heros (2000)Edit

  • Produced by Dave McGhire and Eric Ratz
  • Opm/EMI records

Track list:

  1. Hockeynite
  2. The American In Me
  3. No Place To Hide
  4. Highschool Hookers
  5. Dickwart
  6. Zeros
  7. New Look
  8. Hey Little Girl
  9. Fool Me Once
  10. Crackin Me Up
  11. Wasted
  12. Baby Baby
  13. Ready To Beat U
  14. Shrink Dink

Brief Anthology (2000)Edit

  • Self Released

Track list:

  1. 3rd Homosexual Murder
  2. Angry
  3. Bomb The Boats
  4. I Think Of Her
  5. Fuck Me Dead
  6. Elvis Is Dead
  7. Surfin On Heroin
  8. The Me Generation
  9. Don't Hide Your Face
  10. Can't Wait
  11. Little Girl In The Snow
  12. Sadie Sadie
  13. Rock N Roll Is A Hard Life
  14. AIDS
  15. Evelyn Dick
  16. Criminal Zero
  17. Autosuck
  18. Hockey Nite
  19. No Place To Hide
  20. High School Hooker

Last Ones Standing (2011)Edit

Track list:

  1. Bomb The Boats And Feed The Fish
  2. I Think Of Her
  3. In Love With The System
  4. Tell Me You Love Me
  5. Angry
  6. A.I.D.S.
  7. Rich & Bored
  8. Time To Run
  9. Elvis Is Dead
  10. England Keep Your Stars
  11. Live Strippers In Action
  12. She Said Oh
  13. You're A Rebel Too
  14. Hello Hello It's Me Again
  15. Autosuck
  16. Super Fan
  17. Fuck Me Dead (FMD)
  18. Surfin On Heroin


Burn The Flag (1978)Edit

  • A six-song demo tape recorded and released in 1978.
  1. You're a Rebel Too
  2. In Love With The System
  3. New Wave Girl
  4. National Unity
  5. Reich'n'Roll
  6. Angry

Tomorrow Belongs to Us (1978)Edit

  1. National unity
  2. 3rd Homosexual Murder
  3. Reich 'N Roll
  4. Angry
  5. Your a Rebel too
  6. In love with the system
  7. New wave girl
  8. National unity (again)
  9. Reich 'N roll (again)
  10. Angry (again)
  11. Surfin' on heroin
  12. Own little world
  13. This ain't Hollywood
  14. Poppies
  15. Bomb the boats
  16. White trash of America
  17. I think of her
  18. Fuck me dead
  19. Elvis is dead

Boys Will Be Boys (1985)Edit

  1. Can't Wait
  2. Boys Will Be Boys
  3. High School Nervous Breakdown
  4. Reason To Dance


  • Tell me You Love Me / Rhona Barrett (Remix) (1982)
  • Bomb Kadhaffi Now / Surfin' on Heroin (1986)

Sex Pistols / Forgotten Rebels combo singleEdit

  • A side: Sex Pistols "God Save the Queen"
  • B side: Forgotten Rebels "Surfin' on Heroin"
  • Cover Artwork by "Stabazy"


  • Elvis is Dead (1979)
  • Eve of Destruction (1980)
  • Boys Will be Boys (1985)
  • Rock n Roll is a Hard Life (1989)
  • Dizzy (1990)
  • The Hammer (1994)
  • Buried Alive (1994)
  • The American in Me (2002) Never released
  • No Place to Hide (2002) Never released


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