Fokker Technologies

Fokker Technologies is a Dutch aerospace company. The company has production companies which design, develop and produce structures, landing gear and electrical systems for the aerospace and defense industry. Additional to the production capabilities, it also supplies integrated maintenance services to aircraft owners and operators.

Fokker Technologies
Founded1 January 2011
Fateacquired by GKN and now GKN Aerospace
HeadquartersPapendrecht, Netherlands
Landing Gears
Electrical Systems
Aircraft Maintenance Services
Number of employees
4950 (2012)[1]


Fokker Technologies designs, develops and produces advanced structures and electrical systems for the aerospace and defense industry and supplies integrated maintenance services and products to aircraft owners and operators.

The company consists of 4 business units:

  • Fokker Aerostructures (Lightweight structures)
  • Fokker Elmo (Wiring harnesses)
  • Fokker Landing Gear (Landing gear)
  • Fokker Services (Aerospace services provider)


After the bankruptcy of the former aircraft manufacturer Fokker in 1996, Stork B.V. acquired the Fokker companies specialized in the building of aircraft components and aircraft maintenance services which were named as Stork Aerospace.[3] The group has had many names until in 2010, the Fokker name was reintroduced.[4][5]

In July 2015 the British aerospace supplier GKN announced that it intention to acquire Fokker Technologies from Arle Capital, at the value of €706 million. Fokker was acquired in the same year by GKN.


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