Florida's News Channel

Florida's News Channel (FNC) was a regional cable news network available on Florida's cable television systems (e.g. Comcast, GTE, TCI Cable, AT&T Broadband, and Continental Cablevision) that operated from 1998 to 2003.[1] FNC's viewers were the first to see virtual reality news environments with customized local scenery in each of Florida's seven major television markets.[2]

Florida's News Channel
TypeCable Network
OwnerBob Brillante
Key people
Frank Watson, VP/general manager; Harvey Bennett, news director; Gordon Graham, news anchor; Jim Hillger, chief engineer
Launch date
September 1998

FNC created nightly newscasts for a black audience.[3] These newscasts were hosted by anchors Gordon Graham, Val Bracy, and Karla Winfrey.

Frank Watson served as FNC's vice president and general manager.[4] Partners included Willie E. Gary, Evander Holyfield, Cecil Fielder, Marlon Jackson, and Alvin James.[5][6]

Comcast dropped FNC due to lack of viewer interest.[7] The legal dispute between FNC's management and Comcast was settled in 2005.[8]


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