Florian Hrebnicki

Flaryjan Hrabnicki. Флярыян Грабніцкі (1888).jpg

Florian Hrebnicki (born as Franciszek Hrebnicki; Polish: Florian Hrebnicki; 1683 – 18 July 1762) was a bishop of the Ruthenian Uniate Church, Metropolitan bishop of Kiev, Galicia and all Ruthenia.

On 14 March 1716 Hrebnicki was ordained by Primate of the Uniate church Leo Kiszka as a archbishop of Polock.

On 16 December 1748 he was confirmed as the Metropolitan bishop of Kiev, Galicia, and all Ruthenia.

He consecrated following bishops Maksymilian Rylo and Theodosius Godebski.

Hrebnicki died in 1762 at a residence of the Polotsk Archbishops that he built in village of Strunie (today in Polotsk District).


Catholic Church titles
Preceded by Archbishop of Polock
1715 – 1762
Succeeded by
Preceded by Metropolitan of Kiev, Halych, and all Ruthenia
1748 – 1762
Succeeded by