Flintstone Flyer is a Corvette-powered 1949 Packard gasser of the 1960s, built and driven by Dave Koffel.[1] It set one national claas record (in 1961) and won two class titles (1962 and 1963).[2]


The car was a dark blue 1949 Packard, purchased for US$50 and built in Koffel's own garage.[3]

The engine was swapped for a 292 cu in (4,790 cc) Chevrolet small-block V8 (from a 1961 Corvette, bored 0.060 in (1.5 mm) over). It was only mildly modified, fitted with 270 heads, solid-lifter camshaft, and Offenhauser intake manifold (with three two-barrel {twin-choke} carburetors).[4]

The transmission was a four-speed manual from a Corvette, and the rear axle came from a 1957 Plymouth with a steep 6.17:1 ratio (because of the car's high weight, 4,430 lb (2,010 kg)).[5]

In 1961, Koffel changed the three deuces to Hilborn fuel injection.[6] In this trim, the car set a new NHRA national record in E/G at 13.33 seconds and 104.04 mph (167.44 km/h).[7]

It won the 1962 E/G national title at the NHRA Nationals, Indianapolis Raceway Park, with a pass of 13.71 seconds at 102.85 mph (165.52 km/h).[8]

In 1963, Koffel replaced the steel front end panels with custom fiberglass items produced by Walt Sari of Ashtabula, Ohio.[9] With the fiberglass panels fitted, 'Flintstone Flyer won the 1963 F/G national title at the NHRA Nationals in Indianapolis, with a pass of 13.69 seconds at 101.80 mph (163.83 km/h).[10]


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