Flies Inside the Sun

Flies Inside the Sun were a band from New Zealand. They formed in 1993, and consisted of Kim Pieters, Peter Stapleton, Danny Butt, and Brian Crook. They were part of a prominent improvisation / noise scene which was active in New Zealand at the time, documented in magazines such as Opprobrium and compilations such as Le Jazz Non. Pieters and Stapleton had been members of the recently disbanded Dadamah along with Roy Montgomery. Their debut album, An Audience of Others (Including Herself), was released on the Kranky label in 1995. They disbanded when Brian Crook left to focus on his other project, The Renderers. They reformed in 1997 and released a self titled album on Stapleton's own Metonymic label. This was followed by a string of releases on the Metonymic label.

Flies Inside the Sun
OriginNew Zealand
Years active1993–present
MembersKim Pieters
Peter Stapleton
Danny Butt
Brian Crook


Release date Title Label Charted Country Catalog number
1995 An Audience of Others (Including Herself) Kranky - -
1997 Flies Inside the Sun Metonymic - -
1999 Le Mal D'Archive Metonymic - -
2000 Cactus Sky Metonymic - -
2004 Burning Glass Metonymic - -

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