Fler (album)

Fler is the self-titled fourth solo studio album by German rapper Fler, released 27 March 2009. It was his last work released via Aggro Berlin.

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Studio album by
GenreHip hop, German rap
LabelAggro Berlin
Fler chronology
Südberlin Maskulin
Carlo, Cokxxx, Nutten 2

Musical contentEdit

The album contains besides battle rap-like tracks, also deeper and personal songs that therms Fler's difficult and reflective past about his arrest in a psychiatry ("Mein Haus") and his school time ("Schulsong"). In the songs "Ewigkeit" and "Ich werde nie vergessen", Fler reviewed past moments that had affected him the most.

Track listingEdit

1."Intro (FDM)" (FDM = Fick deine Mutter means Fuck your mother)Djorkaeff & Beatzarre2:42
2."Check mich aus" (Check me out)Djorkaeff3:16
3."Meine Straße" (My street)Djorkaeff4:02
4."Ewigkeit" (Eternity)Djorkaeff3:13
5."Ich sing nicht mehr für dich" (I sing no more for you, featuring Doreen Steinert)Djorkaeff & Beatzarre3:32
6."Macht & Ruhm" (Power & fame, featuring Sido)Djorkaeff & Beatzarre3:36
7."Mein Haus" (My house)Djorkaeff & Beatzarre3:37
8."Usw." (Etc.)Djorkaeff3:03
9.""Gangsta" Rapper" (featuring Godsilla & Reason)Djorkaeff & Shuko3:34
10."Schulsong" (School song)Djorkaeff3:51
11."Rap Electroschock" (featuring Godsilla)Djorkaeff & Beatzarre3:08
12."Scheiss auf dich" (Screw you, featuring Bass Sultan Hengzt)Djorkaeff2:59
13."Sag warum!?" (Say why!?)Paul NZA & Marek Pompetzki3:49
14."Was ist Peace??!?!" (What is peace??!?!, featuring Godsilla & Sera Finale)Djorkaeff & Beatzarre3:57
15."Ich f*** dich" (I f*** you)Beatzarre3:30
16."Ich werde nie vergessen" (I never gonna forget, featuring Beatzarre)Djorkaeff3:22


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