Flax und Krümel

Flax und Krümel was an East German television series for children, broadcast between 1955 and 1970.

Flax und Krümel
Stamps of Germany (DDR) 1964, MiNr 1025.jpg
Postage stamp featuring Krümel, Flax and Struppi
Created byHeinz Fülfe
Ingeburg Fülfe
Country of originEast Germany
Original networkDeutscher Fernsehfunk
Original release1955 (1955) –
1970 (1970)

The series was created by puppeteers Heinz and Ingeburg Fülfe, and featured the adventures of Flax, a young boy; Krümel, a young girl; her grandmother ("Oma"); and the dog Struppi.[1]

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